Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us at any point during your care if you have any questions or concerns.

Contact Us At: 205-345-1905 or 1-877-553-4485


Care Coordinators

April Hansford, Care Coordinator Director / OGBYN of West Alabama


Ext. 3269, Fax: 205-345-1925

Rhonda Deerman, Assistant Care Coordinator Director / PHP


Ext. 3272, Fax: 205-345-1925

Bernice Thomas, LPN / Bolton, UMC


Ext. 3301, Fax: 205-345-1925

Lisa Pennington / Intakes

Ext. 3294, Fax: 205-345-1925

Amanda Wiggins, LPN / Cahaba Medical Care


Phone: 205-926-2992

Dinah Parker, LPN / Pickens and Lamar County, FHA, and Lenahan


Phone: 205-367-8111 (ext 714)

Lynn Justice, LBSW / Dallas, Wilcox, and Perry County


Phone: 334-875-9990

Fax: 334-875-9991

Sara Webb, RN / Sumter, Marengo, and Choctaw


Phone: 334-289- 0433

Fax: 334-289-0571


For additional information you can find us on Facebook

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