August 28, 2019


We are sad to inform you that after 20 years of providing care coordination services to our patients, Alabama Health Network will close its doors beginning October 1st.

Alabama Medicaid has ended the Maternity Care Program and created a new program called Alabama Care Health Network (ACHN).  The new program will provide care coordination services to pregnant women as well as other patients.

The new provider for this region will be My Care Alabama Northwest.  They will begin providing services November 1, 2019.  You can contact them after October 1st at 1-855-200-9471 to make plans for your continued care.   Medicaid will send out notices to all recipients who are affected by this change in the near future with additional information.

It has been our privilege to provide care coordination services to our enrollees for the past 20 years.  We wish you a healthy pregnancy and delivery!